Free Graphics for your web page
Click here to break out of frames.Everything on this site is free.
The buttons, banners, bars, and backgrounds are my designs and
you may use them any way you like with one exception. Please do
not use the graphics from this web site in other graphics collections.


backgrounds Tiled backgrounds
border backgrounds Bordered backgrounds
border background sets Fast loading border background sets. Each set has a border background, welcome banner, buttons with text, etc.
banners Banners with/without text. Small file sizes for faster loading pages.
web page sets Coordinating blank banner, buttons, and bar. NOTE: See the tutorial for adding text to buttons and banners
buttons Buttons with and without text.
bars lines dividers Ornamental and plain page dividers.
clipart Angels, flowers, a gold alphabet, and more.

~~ TIPS ~~
Adding text to buttons-banners
Borders tutorial and template
Saving Instructions

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(Adding text to buttons-banners) (Borders tutorial and template) (Saving Instructions)